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Dazed and confused
Friday, July 02, 2004
Not surprising - when you consider a full on week with two performances, a house full of poets (and Finnish moonshine), a presentation to prepare for the m-learn conference in Rome next week and the on-going struggle to get my head around the whole semantic web thingy. I'm kind of worried that swimming too much in this knowledge ocean will result in a drowning (not a waving) - especially from a creative point of view. Tonight on the way home from seeing two movies at local art cinema (Un Chien Andalou and L'Age D'Or - both gratifyingly weird) the sky was unbelievably beautiful - all the rain has given us this bonus - craggy pink cloud formations like bits of the Grand Canyon in space, back lit by last of the sun. Soon I'll know for real if this is a Sistine Chapel ceiling. But it struck me that I need to stay in physical touch with the world to write. I spend too much time in mediated experience. Even this beautiful sight was through a car window. My friend suggested we stopped and got out of the car but somehow I didn't do it. Regret it now.
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