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the wizard and the wardrobe
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

look at this poor sap with her smiling lips and glazed eyes transported via the snow king's buggy to a land where everything looks perfect for just the amount of time that it takes for snow to melt - for a while the world has a crystalline sparkle - it fizzes with delight and joy and you are compelled to believe every word he says for the duration - laughing gaily as you whizz down the snow covered hills - roasting chestnuts by an open fire - then the snow melts and the dirty brown earth pokes through and you are back in the world that is called real - and it's not good. he's not smiling anymore but accusing you of capital offences. Things get nasty quickly. He thinks you have poisoned him. Time to get back into that wardrobe close the door tight and inhale the smells of mothball and old sweat until you feel a bit brighter. Time in fact to make the decision never to go to nar nar land again to refuse the ice toffee no matter how beguiling the offer seems. perhaps a trip to Ikea will offer an alternative piece of furniture with less painful consequences - but there's something about their clean lines, their functionality, their wholesomeness that you resist. There's a path somehwere that is neither Ikea nor skip, but a new bright and beautiful primose path calling - just find where it begins and take the first step.
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winter light
Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Took this whilst walking by the river on Christmas Eve - the light was so intense, much more blinding than in the summer. Kinda makes the notion of dark days redundant. Have discovered that if you leave your house you are more likely to encounter light. Ha! There is more to life than the screen - unlikely idea, I know - but there might be something in it? A big clockwork heron flew over me. I could hear the working of its wings, mechanical, straining for flight. Most of the walk I was in a foul (sorry) temper - just angry, angry, angry. Then I fell off a wall and sprained my ankle badly - the pain was intense but somehow it made me feel better - obvious stuff really - a pain with a clear cause/effect situation going on. Mostly things aren't like this. Limping along the rest of the way I felt great. That blue sky. The tailor on hand for running repairs. Logs for the fire. Mud on my boots. 3D stuff. Weird.
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