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Sea view with invisible woman
Monday, February 20, 2006

Like a dog let off the lead she runs around the beach trying to take it all in with one last glimpse before it all goes dark one last look at the sea the light on the waves delicate the colours a perfect blend of dove grey sand bleached wood and a deep marine blue - these are my favourite colours some early memory of Burnham swimming before I could walk in Egypt the sound of water the most elemental restorative music I know. The air is so sweet so fresh the birds stand up to their ankles in the waves looking out to sea racers on their starting blocks poised for flight.
Footprints in the sand which you are scared to follow - they take you into a cave which has been prepared for you - holds some dark knowledge for you alone - a set of symbols only you can interpret - the paper nylon petticoat, the doll's house, the wedding ring, the shoe bearing the shape of his foot, the baby's dress, the keys to a Peugeot 309.
If this were a movie, you are watching the final scene the enigmatic ending when the main character wanders out of view and the camera self-importantly takes in the splendid sea vista - she is small, insignificant her story melts into the eternal ocean. She's gone. She was never here.
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everything is american now
Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This is a photo of the girls who were controlled by Charles Manson - and who carried out the Tate and LaBianca murders in 1969 - or is it? The photographer is a guy called Charlie White who does really odd things with fotos - spends time and money making them hyper real, believable. Maybe they are just actors dressed up in these interesting Quaker clothes - their heads freshly shaved reflecting the harsh courtroom light. I just came across this photo on a website - so I went to see the exhibition in Southwark yesterday - tiny gallery behind the Tate - very snooty and London in its we never get any viewers and we don't care kind of way - like to view art is so naff obviously - to be really cool you should just ignore it or look at it secretly on the web like pornography - except it would have been easier for me to have done some porn in Soho - just down the road from the meeting I was at - than cross the bleedin river on a freezing January day. Worth it worth it. I really wanted to see this photo - and I also got a lot more out of the other works - not many, but each so finely crafted and with a million stories - who is Jody? why has she been crying - how did she get that cut on her face? The gymnast girls somehow mirror and echo the Charlie girls - another set manipulated by men, this time their trainers/abusers - no doubt the girls love them to death. There's something about the girls the moment captured - and even if it never really happened we believe it did just exactly as it looks here frozen solid not some wafty little dream. Get down there and give those snotty southern girls a hard time.
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