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The red shoes
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Identity - what does it consist of? am I my red shoes, sling backs, pointy, so delicate that they look like the shoes of a fairy - not at all the kind of red shoes that would dance you to death, cling to your poor constrained feet until they bled and your little heart exploded? No - but still, they are dancing shoes - and you can become exhausted by all the dances that are expected of you - the formal pavanne of grown up life, the retro twist of nostalgia, the hectic jive of conversation, the over-heated proximity of the smooch. I'm longing for a slow waltz, calm, dignified, just intimate enough, nothing sweaty or revealing, just an elegant to-ing and fro-ing with a handsome, co-ordinated chap who doesn't stand on my feet. Yeah but hang on missy - what are those pants doing there?
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