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Durcan at Durham bookfest
Monday, October 20, 2008
Paul Durcan

I was very nervous about meeting Paul Durcan. His book The Berlin Wall Cafe is one of those companion volumes of poetry, an essential part of your life that you have to have somewhere near you at all times. He's such a great poet - sharp, funny, idiosyncratic not afraid to walk an emotional knife edge. He takes you into his world, draws you along effortlessly up side roads and country paths, digressions and sudden precipices. You would follow him anywhere. The reading in the Gala Studio on Friday evening was utterly spell-binding. And he is the most charming man in the world (though I was still scared to ask him about Van Morrison and why they let the goldfish go). His latest book is The Laughter of Mothers and it's brilliant. (this photo is by Simon James)
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