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plastic orchids
Friday, October 10, 2008

National Poetry Day and I'm in a hotel in Telford - finding inspiration in the ladies - wondering why plastic orchids are now the flower of choice in such amenities - and why something as exotic as an orchid is needed to distract us from the more basic workings of our bodies (especially for us ladeez) I like the privacy of privvies - one of the few remaining public spaces where you can be alone and not hear people on their mobiles (though I have heard ladeez talking on their phones whilst using said amenities - shocking shocking). There are some beautiful ladies rooms. The one at the Lit and Phil library in Newcastle springs (or perhaps seeps?) to mind.
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  • At 7:46 AM, Blogger Jackie Litherland said…

    I was at the dentist on Poetry Day. I was having a violent argument with my dentist because the root filling expert who had dug out all my canals in a lower molar the previous week had left me with a split lip, pustles like something out of the Black Death, and other features associated with a pummeling by Muhammad Ali. Not sure of the spelling of pummeling or Muhammad. But the loo at the dentist was magnificent.
    The best of it was the tidy pyramid of little rolled-up fluffy beige towels. Once you had washed your hands you dried them on one of the little towels and then threw them away. The towel. The hands stayed. I can't remember any plastic orchids. Perhaps the towels weren't beige but the more fashionable taupe.

  • At 7:16 AM, Blogger Jojo said…

    Ouch! I too am currently in dental purgatory - root canal / crown / many hours in the chair, many pounds from the wallet. And all to the gentle soundscape of classic fm and electric drills. A plastic orchid would be a bonus.

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