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Jack out of the box
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is a reason for the closed lid. For keeping the lid down. Complacency sets in - how bad can it be? Surely you are bigger now, stronger? Why not open the box? You open the box. And he is bigger too, stronger and more out of control. Out of your control. You're chasing him round and round with a massive butterfly net but it's no good - he's always a jump ahead on you, bouncing like Zebedee on the coiled spring of his being, laughing like a maniac at your pathetic attempts to coral him. It's exhausting and ridiculous. If you stop chasing him, he'll stop running - without you to taunt, he might even climb back into his box by himself. How do I persist in the belief that I have any measure of control over anything? Madness, complete madness.


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Secret meeting
Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This place is full of spies - I think they're on to me. Surreal lift experience in Liverpool this week. And what the hell is she doing with her hand? That's fooling nobody Jo. However it is good to have a picture of my several identities - I just need to eliminate a couple of them, then everything will be fine, just fine.
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