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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Have been asked to talk about this on local radio so thought would warm up here. This will also distract me from thinking the lump on the roof of my mouth is cancer, and from scanning all health related websites to confirm this diagnosis. Stop it, Jo.
I don't have a Kindle (I'm not going to add a link) or an iPad, but I would like one especially the latter. So I can imagine the time will come when I buy books this way. But the smell of books as Mat Caley would say, is irreplacable. Sometimes I haul myself up the attic stairs to inhale it. It's the stink of history, my history, from Milly Molly Mandy through Lord of the Rings via Doris Lessing to more poetry than is necessarily healthy. Includes Teach yourself Sanskrit, Marx, Freud and the Critique of Everyday Life, Knitting for Beginners. I like seeing them altogether, rubbing ill-matched shoulders, speaking their different languages, but harmonious, generally, apart from when they deliberately hide each other, or stage a fall off the shelves when I am groping for that old copy of Union Street. I love them like useless old relatives who turn out to be surprisingly intelligent. They are a bit of a fire hazard, except it's so damp up there they'll probably return to moss and mould eventually - which is also nice.
But an e-book might be good for heavy books. And they don't fall apart and lose vital chapters.


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