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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking forward to Babel - a spoken word event I have organised with the help of the Forum in Darlington. First venture in my town since the dear departed Hydrogen Jukebox. It's not that I want to recreate that (though it was pretty fab) - just have felt for a while we need something going on with words and music and hey, I live here. No point in wishing I lived in NYC is there, since anyway people in cities are blase and unappreciative whereas small towners try to squeeze every last drop from their lives. Don't listen to that Andy Warhol. Local is where it's at.
Just hope people will come. I recently read in a local library (naming no names) to the librarian and a man hiding behind the shelves. It was Shrove Tuesday. The librarian, who was lovely, told me that a pancake making session had stolen my audience. What you gonna do?
Thanks to Ellie Grassick for the poster / flier.
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