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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Trip to Manchester obssessively counting decorated cows around the streets. Public art thing - so i guess it's both a process and a product - so the ones that were decorated by kids' schools - like the one covered with cow jokes (don't ask) - have a value for the participants - another form of publishing - whereas the more arty ones (like the one outside the Chinese restaurant behind Albert Square) done by professionals maybe have a more aesthetic value. It's all good and certainly made the trip much less a focus on shopping and much more about exploring the city. Made me think about public particpatory art like the people that Anthony Gormley cast recently - tons of them. Their remoulded forms were exhibited at the Baltic in Gateshead earlier this year and when I went there were loads of people taking their friends and families to see their figures. Made me cry, actually. Our feeble attempts at immortality - like this blog.
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