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Mat Fraser at Hydrogen Jukebox
Monday, September 13, 2004
I am excited - enough to be spurred into print after two months of blogless existence. Two months spent either sloggin (not bloggin) away at work or taking of the waters at two lovely English seside resorts - I do love to be beside. Swam north(Saltburn) and south(Woolacombe). Very therapeutic.
But the excitement has nothing to do with la mer - just with the prospect of seeing the lovely talented Mat Fraser again - he is doing Hydrogen Jukebox's opener for the season and will be brilliant. Even though this has all necessitsted a row with the local press who want to see him as a "disabled" performer. They think this makes them bold and hard hitting. I think it makes them typically provincial and small minded. It's what happens when you don't live in a city and probably have never left your cosy little backwater. People are one shape and colour only and anything else is a massive shock worth lengthy hacking. Miss out the interesting things about a human being and concentrate on what you see as a defect.
Still at least they've mentioned him. He had to compete with "Rare Moth Found in Airing Cupboard" after all.
If you are down Darlington way tomorrow night do drop in. Arts Centre, Garden bar 8pm. You'll be welcome whoever you are.
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