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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Saltburn  Posted by Hello
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Saltburn by the Sea check for footprints Posted by Hello
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Mothers and daughters
Am deep in thought about umbilicals. My mother and I and the deep of our relationship - complex and enduring - an understanding that is sometimes based on a misunderstanding. I'm thinking about my own daughters and how much i love them. Recently my mum stayed and we walked on the beach at Saltburn and I noticed how tiny she has become shrinking now back into herself like my gran. And knowing that this will happen to me too (if yer lucky pal) - somehow I can see this set of footprints in the sand the ones she left for me to follow and that I followed for a bit then veered off on my own path and that my girls are doing the same and that even though I can't stand to see them hurt sometimes I can't prevent that. Sometimes I think I am Demeter chasing after Persephone wanting to drag her up from the depths but knowing that this isn't the way it is that no life can be without darkness.
Hey. That's so deep. Ok it's January right? Oh no - it's February! How did that happen? Bring on the spring the hyacinths in my house already blossoming white as a bride.
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