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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Snow White and Rose Red - two faced or what?  Posted by Hello
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Snow White, Rose Red
What do you think of these two sisters, the one inner, still, pure, cool: the other wild, energetic, hot? What made me think of them was this: I was at my friend's house in the middle of one of our deadly impasses, staring out of his window which has a weird thick net curtain made up of shapes like a Lancastrian rose, the briar rose of fairy tales, symmetrical, thorny and sweetly perfumed. I was thinking about our incompatibilities: the hot and the cold, the mad and the sane, the whole binary nature of us. Then I remembered the story from my childhood, the two girls who were complements of each other, their differences always in balance. Not like real life at all then.
Wouldn't it be great if differences were celebrated instead of seen as a threat, a challenge, a deliberate attempt to undo you? And also this is about my own split personality, the Gemini curse, first one thing, then its opposite. Love your twin!
So after a terrible evening, I did some thinking about it and started to mellow out. But by this time, he'd taken a mallet to my bike and frankly, that's just way beyond acceptable. This isn't binary it's cross species. Let it go, jojo, let it go.
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