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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blimey, wassit all about? Have just had the weirdest week at my mother's house, trying to restore some sense of order whilst she was in London supposedly having an eye op but actually just sitting about in her nightie cos when she got there they discovered they were fresh out of corneas. Sent her home the next day. She's tough and quite enjoyed the outing - but she hasn't got time to waste, and her sight is practically gone. She would never complain as she believes doctors are gods. I want to kill them with my bare hands for puttingher through this and for the fact that she will miss another summer in her garden. Meanwhile me and my barmy bro (see previous posts) cleaned the crumbling mansion - for the first time in several months. Mingin. But a lot of wild life including this little spider duo - I can't remember what they are called tho my bro knows as he is surveying the spiders of Leicestershire at the mo - when not pissed or pilled up - but just look at them. A long leggety one has wrapped up an enormous house spider and is eating it! Isn't nature wonderful? This little snack lasted a coupla days. It's hard cleaning with a naturalist - nothing is allowed to die. No! Not the silver fish! They've been on the planet for millions of years! Best thing was a grasssnake in the garden - about a foot long, with a perfectly shaped head made of molten gold. Only the barmy bro knows where the creatures live. You have to love him for these moments.
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