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Howl for Now
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Six poets at the Six Gallery. Kenneth Rexroth, M.C. Remarkable collection of angels all gathered at once in the same spot. Wine, music, dancing girls, serious poetry, free satori. Small collection for wine and postcards. Charming event." This was how Mr Ginsberg advertised the first reading of Howl - commemorated last Friday at the Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall at Leeds uni school of music. It was packed but more academic than angel - except for the beautiful boy reading from Howl - George Hunt - lovely Leeds accent - Allen would have adored him. And the music was extraordinary - a whole range of contemporary jazz pieces enough to blow your mind see I was entranced by the theramin. Have never seen anybody play one before - wondered why red-haired girl at the back kept lifting and lowering her hands then realised it related to the eerie sound like a 50s horror movie. And there were dancing girls and boys blackhooded and writhing - a tad fast show perhaps. Anyway thanks to route for putting it on good to remember the old boy and to hear the words hydrogen jukebox spoken in this context again.
But it was brilliant anyway - even though I had just come from Manchester after doing a massively teccy and frightening presentation and was be-suited and at my most serious. Then became clumsy and ticket losing and unable to hold a glass of wine and my laptop at the same time. It's symptomatic of the way my life is just now - the work/more work balance is well out of hand and I'm losing sight of myself as a poet. New pamphlet out this month though so maybe that will help plus Amnesty gig next week.
Have started a new version of Howl but lack the necessary innocence and self belief. But something will emerge.
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