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Friday, December 16, 2005
got the light off just a mimsy little candle between me and complete black out the candle being the last sputtering of my sense of myself my identity on the waver as the winds blow and everything shimmers and shakes threatening complete extinction. myself alone v my self with others all the mysteries that this brings up when you rub that lamp what sighs out of the spout what djin do you call up? probably ur-djin the man in question the first genie who brought his own bottle or two and proceeded to down them as a prelude to acts of atrocity. such a big bastard of a djin that avoidance tactics required my own cloak of invisibility leaving a goblin child as a replacement - wow she's done her duty over the years, most people cannot detect the join, are happy with her quiet, adoring obedience whilst invisible woman is off on her own adventures. hardly anybody knows how to sew me to my shadow. instead of seeing this as a sadness i glory in my isolation like some injured child. but there are moments when a peace descends. the tailor arrives with his magic sewing kit, fits all my elements into place and the afternoon segues into evening - come a little closer ...
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