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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm wondering about the real world and how I would define it. I'm wondering why people want to create a strange second life in virtual land where they work and play just like they do in RL. Or do they? Having sorted yerself a nice blonde and pneumatic avatar, maybe SL is different? Maybe you can be wonderfully successful in SL - get a great job, trade with all that pretend money, listen to SL music (shite), dance to U2 look alike bands, whilst remaining at the bottom of the heap in RL? But SL is a truly horrible place, airless, claustrophobic, like the inside of an aeroplane on a long haul flight, only where all your fellow passengers have this weird elongated streamlined look and cartoon faces. No need for a toilet though.
On the other hand - I have been listening to voice recordings of ruth weiss beat poet and voice jazz artist in her 70s but cool as a frozen cucumber or an ice cold mexican beer on a hot day - her voice is so rich and throaty, her timing immaculate her words are like a jazz prayer. I'm so happy to have discovered her work. is where you can hear her - inspirational.
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