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Monday, August 21, 2006

Just when you think everything's going well, idling the days away, plaiting new versions of your grass skirt, weaving tropical flowers into perfect, intricate necklaces, listening to birdsong, swimming in a gentle ocean .. they come bursting out of the jungle brandishing their weapons.

The men. They look similar - but each of them has an apparently different intention.

One of them wants to look after you - hand you handkerchiefs when your nose is running, offer advice, have exactly the right expression of attentive interest when you speak, take you to lots of nice places he knows .. what, you don't WANT to go to nice places?

One of them wants to build you a house - but first, he has to knock yours down, carelessly swinging the wrecking ball in your direction, feeling aggrieved when you complain about the mess and the fact that you can't sleep for the cold wind blowing in where the windows used to be. Ungrateful! Carping! Can't you see all the work he's doing, just for you?

The third one flatters you - he adores your voice, wants you to sing exclusively for him .. wants you to sing his song. Your own is a little too scary and people might get the wrong impression. If you just do things his way ..

Your only hope is that they will argue amongst themselves long enough for you to make a sharp exit back into that jungle. Flight better than fight has always been your motto. But how much longer will those little legs carry you?
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