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The Tree Wife
Monday, November 13, 2006

There was once a man who married a tree. When he married her, it was spring and her slender branches were covered with succulent green buds. Gradually, each bud opened and delicate green leaves appeared, fresh and bright. The leaves burgeoned, so the tree looked like she was wearing a perfectly shaped ballgown, which moved seductively in the breeze, providing tantalising glimpses of her lovely lines. It seemed that the summer would go on forever, the days long and golden. Then the light began to change and the days to shorten. The leaves changed colour, so her dress was red and orange and gold, blazing in the later light. But the wind began to blow, chilly and northern and slowly the leaves fell from her branches and she stood naked before him, notched and gnarled with the years.
He chopped her down and burnt her in his fire.
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