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Friday, May 25, 2007

Beautiful city clositered so that the sun catches you obliquely tapping you quite forcefully on the shoulder as you cross the road, avoiding a swarm of vespas, making for the next cool stone corridor. People are busy on their way to work, serious looking, with every now and then a familiar look - where have I seen that guy before? Oh yes - it's Jesus! So many faces could have been the models for Renaissance paintings of saints. On the roof of the office building where work is in progress, I sneak up the spiral staircase with an espresso and a perfect pastry to stand and watch the swallows scimitar a cloudless blue backdrop. I should be discussing moodles and rss streams and the best way to learn Latvian 0n-line - but I'm up here, like a person from the 60s on acid who believes she can fly.
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