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oh vienna
Saturday, January 12, 2008

Being in a city cold enough to set the muscles of your face into a permanent grimace - the nose lighting up like Rudolph and only the gluwein keeping you from complete collapse - is strangely nostalgic. The Germany years as a child - seeing St Nicholas give his magnificent red cloak to a poor man in the street whilst we stood with our home made lanterns making faces at the German kids - and were given little paper bags full of cinammon biscuits - cinammon! a novelty to English tastebuds more used to our mothers' jam tarts and victoria sponge - bland and conforting - not spicy and exotic and mysterious. Meanwhile, in my house santa and his drunken brothers beat a path to our toilet, permanently destroying any illusions in my little overloaded head that there is magic at work in the world.
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