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The more I see her ...
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Perhaps after all I have stepped through the glass into a new land in which none of the things I believed make any sense - the ideas of loyalty, hard work, achieving your outcomes, representing your company - ha! Idiot! You should have been doing your own work - you've spent a lifetime (almost) doing theirs. So now what? Find somebody else you can enslave yourself to? Or take the chance that your own work is worthless? Oh the terror the terror. But is it better than drowning in a see of phlegm which is what the alternative now seems to be? The end of the world is nigh. Do I want to see it from behind a thick screen of corporate nonsense, knee deep in paper covered in words that don't add up to much? Could I dare at this late hour to consider throwing my own words into the sky, see how they come down. Have a little faith? I am quite frankly afraid, though I hate to admit it.
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