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Jam hot
Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I hate the expression too much of a good thing. What good thing can you have too much of? Music? Art? Books? Love? Personally I find getting enough of a good thing more of a problem. And I'm saying this the wrong side of a week of jam making after having harvested a load of lovely Victoria plums from my mum's "garden", the jungle behind her house. In true Exley fashion, the plum tree is next to the pond, so you have to act quickly to prevent concussed newts, followed by the terrible rising to the surface of the bloated, sulphurous casualties. Fortunately I was down there this year with enough time to pick many pounds: hence the frenetic jam making. I'm not a natural domestic goddess. Really I haven't a clue about this stuff, so just surfed up some recipes then more or less ignored them: left skins on, did not add pectin, guessed. One thing I did do though was bash open a few plum stones with a hammer, then add the nut inside to the jam after crushing it in a garlic press. Lovely delicate almond flavour.
Then I tried to make slivovitz, but that looks like aborted foetuses floating in brine.
All this supposed to justify my existence, glue up the rapidly surfacing holes in all parts of the life. Jam is not enough of a good thing. Plus my hands are wrecked.
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