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The Future
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I guess I try to live a day at a time. That's not easy, especially on a day like today when my brain is so poorly attuned to its proper business and everything is fuzzy around the edges, minutes melting on Dali clocks. My actual clock meanwhile has stopped (new battery needed) so it has been 9.30 for a couple of days now. Whenever.
But The Future will be here coming at you with its pointy shouldered suits, its transporter tubes, its robots, its artificial intelligence, its food in a pill. Nothing about me and my life will fit into it. The Future despises clutter, favours capsule living, minimalist decor. Spending hours looking for that note you wrote on the back of a receipt whilst in a shopping centre and which is the basis of a marvellous poem you will never be able to recreate will be punishable by extermination, a vapourising of you and all your messy accumulations that will leave the world a cleaner place. You are not productive. You spend your days like a dog trying to follow a scent but being lured off track by other more interesting smells until you are left staring at your own bottom.
The Future will have no truck with The Past and certainly not with the detritus the past leaves, washed up and left on the shoreline for you to pick over endlessly, Robinson Crusoe style.
I found Tricia at a table top sale in Saltburn. I think tomorrow belongs to her.


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