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Friday, September 30, 2011

Decided just to copy it here - so many wordles, so little time ..
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Spent this lunchtime running a workshop in Darlington for older people. It was fun - a mix of people who are already writing and those who had decided they can't, but did anyway. I used pebbles gathered from many a beach to provoke a set of words which people then turned into a few lines. Some beautiful stuff emerged:

searching and finding the perfect pebble
for throwing and skimming its history

pounding for caves - movement of earth
what ages - or is ageless
sun on seashore to smooth time away
(this last Dickinson esque offering from a lady who insisted that as a scientist, she could not be a poet - but she pocketed my pebble all the same).

I put everything into a wordle which you can find by using the link above.


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