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Happy Birthday
Monday, August 20, 2012
Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. Makes me very happy even to think about her, though she is far away in that London. She's an amazing girl, clever, talented, funny and beautiful. I'm so proud of her and all the things she does. When it's your child's birthday you can't help but go back there to the pregnancy, the birth and those strange days afterwards when everything in your life changes at a stroke - especially when it's your first child. I was so unprepared. Very few of my friends had children, and somehow we didn't talk about it in the way my daughters and their friends do now. Maybe we were still of a generation that did not really believe in choice, planning, and all of that bourgeois (sensible) stuff. I don't regret the unpreparedness though - learning through experience seems to have some advantages. I tried with the books (thanks for nothing Penelope Leach) but they made me feel enormously inadequate. Parents were hundreds of miles away. My models were Doris the cat (a lousy mother, really) and women in the developing countries mythologised. But really just doing my meagre best in difficult circumstances - poor, bad housing, not much in the way of support. I remember the first time she laughed - in a daft peek a boo game. I was completely entranced.
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Gig cancelled
Sorry to tell you that the Black Light gig for Friday has been cancelled - the same line up excluding moi will now be on Sep 7th. I'll be doing a gig there on October 27th - more details to follow.
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Friday, August 17, 2012
Looking forward to reading my poems next Friday here: The Black Light Engine Room Python Gallery, Middlesbrough: 24 August 2012, 7pm Live poetry from Jo Colley, Emma Whitehall, Oonah Joslin and Alison Davies, with music from Sara Dennis. Open mic slots available. Admission: £2 entry. 10pm finish. Should be fun.
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