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Frida n Patti
Sunday, June 26, 2005

Just been to see Kahlo exhibition at Tate Modern - The place was heavin with visitors and it was also the hottest day of the year in the UK - 33 degrees that's way more than normal - appropriate for the Meltdown - event hosted this year by Patti Smith which I got to on Sunday night when she was appearning with Steve Earle. So it was a weekend for hot girls - Frida the more obviously beautiful - her mix of Eastern European and Mexican blood, perhaps. So many self portraits - her serious face - her pain - the acciodent and then the miscarriage documented graphically - but then followed by the emotional pain of being married to Diego who sounds like a bit of a git to me - using politics as a route to as much free love as you can get - the whole concept of free love so insane really. Nowt for free Mista. She's bleeding all over the place. And of course yes yes she was a bit of a goer herself but I can't help thinking this was as a way to comfort herself for his infidelity - not her sista mista that's so wrong! I loved the paintings though. So open and lushly appealing - it reminded me of a mix of Rousseau annd Mexican Day of the Dead stuff, the way death is incorported. Patti was spectacular too - so sexy and full on and somehow childlike in her enthusiasm and energy - not bad for an old girl. Female icons - sure beats Jordan, Kylie or Madonna for me any road up - at least they have some talent and politics.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
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Thursday, June 02, 2005

B in Heksinki Harbour  Posted by Hello
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Blue Helsinki
It's so beautiful - made more beautiful by full on summer weather, the sky ridiculously high and the sun breathtakingly bright - shadows are long, make you feel tall, but nowhere near as tall as those giants, people from Planet Finland, ice blonds or blackhaired with enviable goth white skin, or those strange elfin redheads. All was explored in some detail at the Yrjonkadun Uimahalli - an old swimming bath and sauna place where ya go nekkid. So me and my daughter shared the experience of being the only gals with substantial arses in a confined space. It was actually lovely - all ages of women, some pregnant, so liberating to forget all the paranoid stuff about your body and just treat it well and relax. Saunas are class.
First time I've ever really explored Helsinki - had some help from Kalle Niniikangas, fellow poet and the lucky owner of a Helsinki apartment. We drank in a tiny bar the size of your living room where closing time was flexible but certainly not before 1am. It was the drinking place of Arto Melleri, another great mad poet (not saying your'e mad, like, Kalle) , recently dead.
Also met lovely Tapani Kinnunen in Turku (tho to be fair he was a bit more interested in the Formula 1 driving going on behind my head in the bar). Went to a party in the county jail - well Turku Castle in fact - happy 40th Mats and Thurid - the best party of the year - Mats doing "I wanna be your dog" - highlight of the night. Shame you missed it Michael but was lovely to talk to you and know you are still alive.
Take me back! It's so grey here! I want to be in the city of perpetual light!
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