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Boxed in
Thursday, August 04, 2005

News is terrible, grim and depressing - the feeling that as humans we fail to make any progress - and I hate to say it guys, but it's mainly down to youse. Fed up of the way you go about things - the violence does my head in. The two stark and awful images (among many) - the Liverpool boy who was murdered, then the two blokes being taken into custody. That shiny faced hopeful boy - those shambling lads with blankets over their heads. I also see their mums somewhere in the background - which mother would you least like to be? So many lives completely f***ed up. Maybe it's really hard to be a bloke, combine masculinity and tenderness and compassion (in a Buddhist sense)? What do I know, after all? Think about my lovely nephews and how inconceivable it is that they could do this kind of damage.
So am turning to art. There's a brilliant exhibition at the Baltic - it's called Kienholz and is the work of two American artists who made sculptures/environments/installations out of reclaimed stuff. Their work is political and expresses a view about the above - it's anti-war, anti-violence. Just go, man. You'll love it. The piece called Hoerensgracht which is a lifesized version of Amsterdam street of ladeez of the night - showing them relaxing, smoking a fag, reading True Romance in between tricks - each of them with a boxed in head. It's a feminine rather than a feminist statement - or maybe it's both. The personal prison as well as the political. But then there is a part of me (my history, my experience) which thinks that in that box, where they can't get you, that's where the creativity happens.
My fingers are itching to make something - look out Barbies, you may be asked to donate your bodies to art. Words are not always enough.
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  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Apprentice said…

    You're so right. There as set of very mixed and complicated set of conundrums involve in being a mother of sons. A combination of fear for them and fear of where they might end up.

    The Keinholz is indeed astonishing. I have been twice now, and will go again before it finishes. The big installation, like a fairground, and the wall of crucifixes, is a major challenge to our cultural hegemony. Fabulous stuff.

    Those barbies need a hacksaw, a bottle of pva glue that will set like milky dribbles, and some small steel nails. The statements one could make with those ugly little travesties of the female form. Go for it, ladyland. And post the pictures. :)

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