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per ardua ad astra
Monday, November 21, 2005

Punchdrunk is well and truly launched - both over here and in Finland. You can read a review of my set in it on Tom Kelly's website and you can download an mp3 (click on link) of me reading a piece I put together using visuals and music (with the help of Simon James and Sony Acid Pro 6 - and to brendada for her lovely photos of skies and birds)
It was all a bit mad but enjoyable to do a set supported in this way - in the end the words are the most important thing - but maybe it sometimes helps to appeal to the senses too? I dunno. Maybe it's all a bit cowardly because I am not a natural performer and feel so shy on the stage even now - distracting the audience from me always seems like a good idea.
Finland was cold dark and wet but I swam in the Baltic with my friend and saunaed afterwards - it's a huge buzz better than that vodka rubbish.
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