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Sunday, May 21, 2006

So this is Lindisfarne - or actually the view from - the outer limits of this tiny claustrophobic chunk of land which is almost sinking under its impossible load of trippers / pilgrims, cream teas, fudge, meade, st cuthbert fridge magnets and worst of all, the burden of hostility that the local inhabitants seem to have towards anybody who is not a resident. It was a wicker man experience. I had a narrow escape really - just an unpleasant encounter with a vicious elderly couple because I had parked improperly (no sign to tell me that) - then a smashed windscreen which Mr Autoglass tells me was definiteley an act of vandalism. That's Christianity for you. So territorial, so violent. Sad really - I had been seeking at least a little spiritual calm but it was impossible to find it there. Although listening to some beautiful new work from my poetry friends was as near to spiritual as I'm ever likely to get. Suits me. Most poets I know don't go in for violence - unless it's absolutely necessary of course.
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