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Land: escape
Friday, March 29, 2013
Beauty is the train traveller's endless reward, glimpses so fleeting and short lived which makes them extra poignant and lovely. First finger of dawn on a snowy landscape. Winter trees precise against a late afternoon sky. Swans at Peterborough drifting on a summer morning. The fens frozen into Narnia held in winter's spell. Long shadows of trees stretching over a green field. Sheep carefully placed at intervals on a hillside as night begins to fall. Hopperesque glimpses of faces in platform cafes icons to a railway orthodoxy. Herons in flight. Rooks heading home. Richness of a fresh ploughed field. Magnificent skies with complicated cloud formations or empty and blue. White fog of winter. Lavender. Lemon and pink pastel nursery shades. Lightning seen from a distance. Light shining on a pond or river molten silver. the sea! Wind turbines thrashing the air crazed aerobic teachers no a whole fitness class of slender ladies between March and Ely a ballet of wind turbines. Golden reed beds. Hawthorn blossom on the hedgerows in spring like weddings. Eider ducks in a flock at Ely, swans flying in pairs, ducks in threes. All seasons add their glory. I am in a gallery of landscape artists from a variety of schools from Constable to Nash with occasional Michaelangelo.
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