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Mozza misunderstood
Saturday, May 13, 2006

But of course what did I expect? Seeing Moz at the Sage with a load of what appeared to be gay Lindisfarne fans (didn't know they existed), wrapped in england flags to keep off the fog from the Tyne - like national front afficionados - why would I be surprised that he was greeted with a chilly reception - booed, even after failing to do an encore? And who could blame him - they wanted Shoplifters not the new stuff - which he did, mercilessly, ignoring the shouted requests from the back catalogue - making them hear if not listen to every track from the new album - ringleader of the tormentors indeed. It must be a pain to be constantly asked to do old stuff when you want your fans to understand where you are at now - to come with you to the next stage.
He's arrogant, maybe - if he had thrown in just two or three more favourites - the crowd would have been more accepting of the new material? maybe? But no, not him - no compromises - apart from Girlfriend in A Coma and a couple off You are the Quarry.
He looked great, mind - I even like the slight paunch, corseted in a smart suit with a wonderful purple shirt that made me think he was dressed in honour of Angel Readman whose favourite colour it is. And who, like me, adores Moz and would like to be the lady who made his cocoa/polished his shoes/did up his cufflinks. The band were amazing, tight, youthfully energetic and respectful in equal measure. They were having fun for a while. But the atmosphere felt strange, from the beginning. They love him like a man loves his unfaithful wife. They want things to be back the way they were, when they could really trust her. They're scared she's taking the mick. They're angry.
He can do whatever he likes as far as I'm concerned. I just enjoyed being in the same room as him. And I'm supporting Italy this year.
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